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Head-End Filtering

Take control of your data flow with our dedicated Firewall and IPS device. Take direct control and tailor your own data filtering to the specific needs of the downstream site.



Take control of your data movement with head end filtering by Supernet.



Easily move big masses of data with our dark fibre network.



Dark Fibre

Access to our exclusive dark fibre allows transport of large non-IP/Ethernet loads. This improves provisioning timelines and accelerates issue resolution to allow your business to get on with day-to-day operations with high-speed access.




Optical Ethernet Local Loop

Our Optical Ethernet Local Loop delivers highly reliable and low latency bandwidth Singapore-wide. Your business will receive simultaneously fast upload and download with our symmetrical bandwidth capability and ultra-fast <1ms RRT.



Join our extremely reliable and responsive Singapore-wide optical ethernet local loop.




Take advantage of our data protection with easy migration with our geo stretched clustered.




Geo Stretched Clusters

You can finally protect your data in any situation with easy migration of data and maintain a simple singular system with stretch clusters This provides high availability and load balancing. At incredible 10GBps speeds, our services are perfect for SAN replication.


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