Notification to SuperInternet ACCESS Pte Ltd for Earthwork Procedures

1. Introduction
With effect from 1 July 2000, The Info-Communications Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) has introduced a licensing for telecommunication cable detection workers and in compliance for section 29(1) of the Telecommunication Act (Chapter 323), contractor involving in relating to earthworks, are required to comply with the provisions of telecommunication cable detection works under the Act.

The objective is to prevent damages to the underground telecommunication cables which cause disruption to telecommunication services by earthwork contractors.

Thus, administration procedure for the notification of earthworks by the contractors/ principals when planning and/or working in the vicinity of SuperInternet ACCESS Network Plans is list herein.

2. Definition
Telecommunication cables include optical fiber cables of 6 fibers to 144 fiber count and above.

3. Administration Procedure

1. The principals/contractors are advised to submit a location map with indicated area of works with Annex A, Request of Plant Maps to following address through email correspondence as to check, and to purchase plant maps if required to ascertain SuperInternet ACCESS Network’s asset.

SuperInternet ACCESS Pte Ltd
2 International Business Park, The Strategy
Tower 1, #09-01 Singapore 609930
Telephone: 3125 8588

2. The principals/contractors must engage a Licensed Telecommunication Cable Detection worker (TCDW) to locate SuperInternet ACCESS’s plant routes by appropriate detection equipment before the commencement earthwork and recommendation of digging trial holes to ascertain the services.

3. The TCDW must submit the detected and located plant route information to the principals/contractors and keep a set of records for future reference.
4. If the proposed excavation route/zone fall within the plant maps containing SuperInternet ACCESS’s pipes/manholes, the principals/contractors have to notify SuperInternet ACCESS in compliance with Section 29 (1) of the Act. Payment cheque and necessary documents for processing shall be submitted together with the notice.

5. Upon receipt of the notification (Annex B), SuperInternet ACCESS will respond within 7 days, from the date of receipt, with an acknowledgement of the notification or a requirement for a site visit with the principals/contractors for further discussions and consultation and to verify that the contractor has carried out the detection of SuperInternet ACCESS plant routes properly and marked the detected SuperInternet ACCESS plant routes in the vicinity onsite.

6. Upon site verification with the principal/ contractors of compliance of the requirement as stated in the Notice (Annex B), SuperInternet ACCESS shall issue a letter of recommendation for notices to permit the earthworks carried out by Principal/ contractor.

7. For the avoidance of doubt, if the contractor is unable to locate SuperInternet ACCESS’s pipeline(s) and does not inform SuperInternet ACCESS or seek SuperInternet ACCESS’s assistance to locate the pipe(s), the letter to the notice (Annex B) will not be issued and/ or if letter of notice (Annex B) is issued, will be considered void.

8. Each notification will expire within a month from date of acknowledgement if the intended earthworks are not carried out. Upon expired, a fresh notification is required from the principal/ contractors to notify SuperInternet ACCESS on the new scheduled commencement date.

4. Submission and Conditions

1. The notice shall be submitted in standard forms:

2. The notice shall be submitted via email to:

3. Documents necessary for SuperInternet ACCESS for processing of the notice must accompany the notices e.g. proposed site plan with proposed trial holes and earthworks position relative to SuperInternet ACCESS plant route, work schedule and cable detection drawing by licensed TCDW (if applicable).

4. Conditions and safety measures, if necessary, will be conveyed in SuperInternet ACCESS response.

5. SuperInternet ACCESS Pte Ltd reserves the right to include additional conditions and/or modify existing conditions during the duration of earthworks if damage to cable may occur or is likely to occur.

5. Method of Payment

1. All payment related to notice should be payable to SuperInternet ACCESS Pte Ltd

SuperInternet ACCESS Plant Location List