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Secure your data and work sites with security systems by Supernet.


Protect your data with a Private Physical Network (PPN) completely isolating your highly-secure data from all hardware.



Private Physical Network

Many business mistake VPN for a secure network for highly-sensitive data. Improve your data security with a Physical Private Network (PPN) that is completely isolated from any other equipment.




HD Video Surveillance

Improve security for your sites with broadcast quality video surveillance. Starting at 1080p at 60fps up to 4k at 120 fps for easy identification. We provide end-to-end solutions which includes recording and archiving. This is stored either onsite or securely hosted in our data centres so you can keep your surveillance data secure and effortless to access.



High definition, broadcast quality video security surveillance for your workplaces and sites.



Utilise the reliability of dual-path fibre connections.



Protection in Case of Outages

Utilise the reliability of dual-path fibre connections. In the extremely unlikely event of an outage, our generous SLA allowances will give you peace of mind.




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